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free shipping this Week On order over Rs 499
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Mission Paw-sible

Our mission is to empower all pawrents by providing access to the best products and accessories available. At BarksnMeaows, we truly appreciate the special bond that pawrents have with their adorable children. After all, these butt-sniffers, slipper-chewers and sock-stealers bring so much joy and happiness into our lives and that should be openly celebrated.

Let’s shower them with more love by giving them some doggy-approved presents and treats. Buy them clothes! Scratch their itchy belly! Celebrate every trick they learn! Cuddle them! And be sure to give them a squeeze from us.

Why is my dog not eating or pooping’ because we believe fluffs are fluffs, be them yours or ours.

We can help you get the best of our products with love for your fur babies.

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