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Behind All the Barking n Meaowing

Now more than ever, we are aware of how pets experience the world around them. Our core value is to continually improve the well-being of canines and felines across the planet. Our pawsion and years of experience make us better people and pet parents every day. This is the gift we want to share with all of you. 

We keep creativity and joy at the very center of our mission because we know that it will inspire the best in us… and in you.  This is the commitment BarksnMeaows makes today and for the years to come.

Our Ultimutt Vision

BarksnMeaows has one goal: turn all pet owners into well-rounded, loving pawrents. Your furry friends are more than lapdogs and purring balls of fluff, they are your children. Like all kids, they deserve the highest-quality, flawless care they can get their paws on. Let’s shower them with more love by giving them some doggy-approved presents and treats. Buy them clothes! Scratch their itchy belly! Celebrate every trick they learn! Cuddlethem! And be sure to give them a squeeze from us.

Mission Paw-sible

Our mission is to empower all pawrents by providing access to the best products and accessoriesavailable. At BarksnMeaows, we truly appreciate the special bond that pawrents have with theiradorable children. After all, these butt-sniffers, slipper-chewers and sock-stealers bring so much joyand happiness into our lives and that should be openly celebrated.

The Barks and Meows of Our Dreams

Our love for doggos and kittens knows no superficial boundaries, we want them all to lead healthy and happy lives. We dream of a world where all pets are treated with love and respect. Every pet should have a family to grow old with and live a fulfilling, pawsome life. At Bnm,  We are also open to provide products for animal lovers looking to help out strays and we seek noprofit from this. Check out our non-profit section for more details. Hand and hand, paw and paw, let’s help the strays!