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Tea Tree Disinfectant/ Dry Bath – For Dog And Cat (500ML) (6614374613046)
Tea Tree Disinfectant/ Dry Bath – For Dog And Cat (500ML) (6614374613046)
Tea Tree Disinfectant/ Dry Bath – For Dog And Cat (500ML) (6614374613046)

Tea Tree Disinfectant/ Dry Bath – For Dog And Cat (500ML)

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Barks n Meaows’s Tea Tree Disinfectant will be an amazing addition to your dog or cat bathing kit. Featuring a unique formula that our experts have come up with their pet parenting expertise, it provides a wonderful dry bath for puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats, cleansing their fur coat efficiently. This dog bath spray contains purified water, mild cleanser, organic extracts of tea tree oil, alcohol, and more. All of the excellent ingredients in this dog essential work together to keep your doggos and kitties protected from various germs.

This pet disinfectant comes in particularly handy when you need to cleanse and deodour your pets after a long walk or extended playtime, making it a must-have pet supply. Your furry children will surely appreciate having to take less regular baths. This dry wash for puppies dries up instantly on application.

Spray the liquid on your pet’s body liberally, and then wipe off with a
towel. It’s that simple! However, make sure you store this dog and kitten product in a cool place and always use it away from fire. Keep it with the rest of your dog supplies, so that you can find it easily whenever needed.

At Barks n Meaows, we are pet lovers through and through. We understand that your dogs and cats are basically your furry children and deserve the best. Whether you’re looking for pet dog accessories or cat accessories, we’ve got you covered. We are your trusted one-stop-shop for all of your pet accessories and essentials, including dry food and treats, feeders, beds, dog and cat grooming kits, and more. Our dog dry bath spray is among our most popular puppy accessories for small dogs. By making it a part of your pet supplies for dogs and cats, you ensure that your furry bundles of joy always remain clean and protected, and have a pawsome life.

Caution: keep at a cooler place. Do not use near fire.

  • EFFECTIVE GERM PROTECTION - Featuring organic extracts of tea tree oil in its formulation, Barks n Meaows’s Tea Tree Disinfectant is an amazing pet product; it gives you a simple way of keeping your dogs and cats protected from a variety of germs.
  • DRY CLEANSING - The disinfectant instantly dries from your pets’ fur, leaving them clean and germ-free as well as ready for cuddling; this quick-dry action makes this dog care product supremely-handy for when you’re short on time.
  • REMOVES ODOUR - While getting rid of harmful germs, this dog bathing accessory also removes the odour that usually results from extended playtime; you can have your furry children smelling great in no time .
  • IDEAL FOR POST-WALK CLEANING - This puppy dry bath spray is especially useful for cleansing your canine buddy when you’ve just returned from a long walk with them; your doggos will certainly appreciate one less bath in their schedule.
  • USAGE DIRECTIONS - Spray our tea tree pet disinfectant liberally on your dog’s or cat’s body, and then wipe off with a towel; keep this dog product in a cool place; never use it near fire.


Key Features:

  • effective in killing all kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses
  • instantly dries from your pet’s body
  • disinfects your pet instantly
  • keeps your pets germ free after walks
  • removes odor

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